Teeth Whitening

Are you fed up with those stains on your teeth or do you wish they were a bit brighter? A nice white, healthy looking smile can take years off your appearance and really boost your confidence. Teeth whitening offers an affordable and speedy way to achieve this.

Teeth often become darker due to the absorption of stains into the substance of the hard tissue. The stains can be of dietary origin and of course smoking. It is important to differentiate between surface staining caused by plaque and tartar and poor hygiene, which can be remedied by correct scaling and polishing, and internal staining which requires treatment with tooth whitening gel. At Purley Dental Practice, we will ensure your teeth get back to their natural, healthy colour.

Professional teeth whitening should be carried out by a registered dentist and at Purley Dental Practice, our experienced and qualified dentists will provide you with the necessary treatment in a safe manner.

teeth whitening
  • We believe it is important that our patients have all the facts before starting the teeth whitening process
  • We check to make sure your gums are healthy
  • We give you all the facts about the pros and cons of the different whitening treatments that are available
  • We offer professional advice on the right shade for you
  • We inform you about after-care and how to best maintain your new, brighter smile

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