Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation treatments are provided at Purley Dental by our dentist Dr Felicity Murray.

As we have more and more birthdays, facial lines, wrinkles and folds normally appear in our skin. Unfortunately they can make us look more tired and older than we really are. Skin structure changes with time, becoming more fragile and less elastic and the replacement of tissue cells slows down.

Dentists have always been the best practitioners to carry out facial rejuvenation because they have the anatomical knowledge and tactile skills, and the provision of this treatment must be within the guidelines of the General Dental Council.

Dr Felicity Murray would be pleased to talk you through the different procedures and treatments that can help you look younger. Dr Murray’s priorities are care and attention to detail while managing her patients’ expectations.

We currently use Botox to improve the changes that life and anno domini produce and we have an excellent referral pathway to specialists for more extensive remodelling.

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